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Round & About

Welcome to a new feature at Good Day Carmel - 'Round & About Carmel, where our staff of writers and editors will be reviewing and writing about performances, exhibits and events in an effort to encourage all to get out and enjoy our wonderful city.




























































On a cold winter’s night, what could be better than to spend a few hours tapping your toes,

bursting out in laughter and watching with awe the final 20 minutes of a play?

That pretty much describes our night as we attended the new Actors Theatre of Indiana

production of 'Ruthless The Musical', now playing at the Studio Theater in Carmel.

Based on a creepy old black and white movie, The Bad Seed, from 1956, Ruthless tells the

story of Tina Denmark, a “delightful” young girl who wants to be a star … even if it means

she would “kill” for the part. Performed by Fishers 4th grader Nya Beck, she nearly steals

the show with her big voice and her spot-on facial expressions that capture the conflicted

innocence of a little girl and the evil essence of a bad seed.

But this musical goes far beyond that story line. There is her mother (Judy Fitzgerald), a sweet suburban housewife with a secret past and a surprising future; her frustrated 3rd grade teacher (Cynthia Collins) who directs the school play and draws one of the biggest laughs of the night with a single, shall we say, inappropriate posture; and then there is the voice coach/talent agent Sylvia St. Croix, performed by John Vessels in a dress (and a magnificent makeup job) who kept us rolling with his/her quick-witted delivery of lines and awesome stage presence.

The first half of this nearly 2-hour production (which is rated PG-13) is entertaining enough, but truly, one must not even consider an early departure. The second half kicks this production up to a much higher level of intrigue as pasts are revealed and fates are determined.

'Ruthless' left us all breathless – and standing on our feet in ovation and adoration of the excellent performances. This production is well worth the price of a ticket and a few warm hours on a cold winter’s night. Now playing through February 17. Click here for show times and to purchase tickets.


Ah, there was so MUCH to love as our Good Day Carmel scribes ventured out on a crisp Saturday night for Meet Me on Main in the Carmel Arts & Design District.

For a cold night, the crowds were pretty good … and they got BETTER

as the night wore on. (But more on that in a minute). Our night began by

parking … it ALWAYS begins by parking, and there is plenty in the District.

We chose the Sophia Square underground garage. Free (as they all are)

and two level of parking. We found a spot next to the elevator and up we

rose into the District.

We began our stroll at The Art Lab “make-your-own” valentine and watched

as folks decorated their cards. Then, we moved on to the Carmel Arts

Council’s display of children’s art work – including a cool display of art

from our Sister City in Japan! This is not to be missed!

Next, we spent time in the Lurie Gallery, where provocative art is the rule … and it did not disappoint. Then it was on to the Hoosier Salon Patrons Association and Fine Art Galleries, where they featured Indiana artists of all kinds and offered our weary palates some much needed wine, water and snackage.

                                                                       From there, we hit each gallery that was open … collecting a free rose with                                                                                                   each stop. So much beautiful art. And we noticed that many of the artists we                                                                                                 met – or those featured in mini-bios on the walls of the galleries – were born                                                                                               in another country, now living in Carmel or central Indiana so they can feature                                                                                             their works here. How. Cool. Is. That?

                                                                       But there were still a few twists and turns to this night of "rosy romance." It                                                                                                   started with a little hunger and a desire to grab a bite to eat                                                                                                                             at Bazbeaux Pizza. Boy, what a crowd they had. So many people waiting, we                                                                                                 chose to move on … vowing to return on a less busy night to get our fix of one                                                                                               of their awesome gourmet pies.

                                                                       Down the street to Muldoon's, where the crowd was strong, but there was no wait. We                                                                               chose the mini tenderloin, a burger, iced tea and an ice cold craft beer. And then                                                                                         something very, very “Carmel” happened. The crowd began to grow like crazy. It was                                                                                   getting late and we thought the evening was winding down. But no, couple after couple,                                                                             mom after mom, dad after dad … they kept streaming into the place, gathering at the edge                                                                         of the bar.

They seemed to be celebrating something. We were, at first, perplexed...And then we saw the

coach. Chris Plumb.Yeah … that guy. The Carmel High girls swimming coach, fresh off another

– ANOTHER – state championship.  That is 33 in a row! 33 consecutive titles in a row.

And we were lucky enough to be in the spot where Chris and the parents of the girls were

gathering to celebrate. What a wonderful thing to witness! Only in Carmel. And only because

we ventured out on a cold night to take advantage of a fun event – one of many such events

here in City of Carmel, Indiana Government all year long.

You can bet we will be ready for the March version of Meet Me on Main – we are guessing an

Irish theme for this one. After we paid our bill, we gathered our roses and squeezed through the growing crowd, stopping just long enough to shake hands with the coach and offering our congratulations.
As we say … only in Carmel!