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Carmel Arts Council scholarships awarded

The Carmel Arts Council has presented its 2017 Visual Arts Scholarships to Carmel High School student artists Katherine Ho and Kathy Huang. Kathleen Ho was the top winner, earning a $2,500 scholarship. She will be attending the Hutton Honors College at Indiana University. Kathy Huang, was the second-place winner with a $1,500 scholarship. She will be attending Stanford University.

Their winning art submissions are on exhibit at the Carmel Arts Council Children’s Gallery now through July 2. There will be a special “Meet the Artists” event on June 10 from 5-9 p.m. during the Carmel Arts & Design District Gallery Walk. The public is invited to attend.

The CAC Visual Arts Scholarships are open to graduating seniors who are residents of Carmel. In order to apply, these artists must submit a portfolio of 10-15 pieces of original work, varied in in media and subject matter and three-dimensional art work. The work is judged by skilled artisans.

The annual scholarship dates back to 1998 and has totaled more than $20,000 over the years.


Kathleen Ho is a Carmel native who credits her love of art to Carmel schools, the City of Carmel’s recognition of the arts, her parents and the Carmel Arts Council. As a sophomore, Kathleen was accepted to the Indianapolis Museum of Art Teen Art Council (IMATAC), a small group of select high school students who work to engage more youth to the arts by organizing events, showcases and activities.

“My approach to art focuses on realism combined with aspects of surrealism,” she wrote in her application to the CAC. “I enjoy drawing portraits because there is so much expression, detail and thought behind a face to capture.”

Kathleen plans to continue creating art while she studies to become a doctor at Indiana University.

Kathy Huang was born in Alabama and moved to Carmel as a kindergarten student. She wrote that “before I even saw my first Carmel roundabout, I caused my parents many a headache” by her expression of art drawn on the walls of her house.

“Much to their pleasure, I have shifted my focus from walls to paper, however, my desire to draw and create has never ceased,” Kathy wrote. “In fact, it has intensified and expanded to include more mediums and subject matter – expanding from Crayola-colored stick figures to graphite still lifes and beyond.”

Kathy plans to major in product design at Stanford University, where she hopes to use her love of art to design and engineer products and innovations.

Please enjoy some examples of each girl's art below:



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