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Holder Mattress featured in National Trade Show

Holder Mattress has announced that it will be participating in the inaugural Made in America trade show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The show features businesses with products that are fully made in America, including all raw materials. This national event was created to feature American-made products and manufacturers across the spectrum of industries, from aerospace and automobiles to textiles and home goods. Organizers hope to showcase the largest collection of U.S.-made machines and products in one place. Holder Mattress Company has been a family-owned and operated business since 1947, and one of their showrooms is at the Indiana Design Center here in Carmel. “We are proud to take part in this event, as our mattresses are, and have always been, fully American-made with the highest-quality materials. We champion buying local and sourcing the best American-made products so look forward to connecting with like-minded shoppers and vendors,” says Lauren Taylor, owner and president of Holder Mattress Company. The convention is open to the public from October 3 to 6. Many well-known speakers and musical acts are scheduled to be a part of the event. Tickets are available at

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