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Experience something new with CCPR's 228 programs

This winter/spring season, which runs January through April, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation will offer 228 programs including 64 new programs.

What You’ll Find Programs are offered for all ages from parent/child programs for kiddos as young as six months to senior programs for ages 65 and older. Categories include nature, aquatics, sports, creative arts, enrichment, science + technology, homeschool, adaptive, senior, and wellness. Experience Something New CCPR is offering 22 creative arts programs including Tiny Dancers for the preschool/toddler age group, and Intro to Painting for both the youth and adult age groups. CCPR strives to provide inclusive programming for all ages and abilities through their adaptive programs. You’ll find these debut adaptive programs geared toward individuals with disabilities: Mystery Kitchen Night, Youth Fishing, and Preschool Hoopers. How to Register

Electronic copies of the Program Guide can be found online and physical copies are available at the Monon Community Center. Register for programs online here or in person at the Monon Community Center.

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