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Cyber safety service for small businesses

GadellNet, a Carmel tech startup, is announcing the launch of their latest security service, gurusentry, a trio of proactive security services established to mitigate the risk of cyber threats for small businesses. With the rapid changes in the cyber security landscape, businesses must take action to ensure their data and their organizations are protected.

Bringing together software solutions with people and processes, the gurusentry service is designed to give organizations a boost to their cyber security defenses. The program establishes awareness and monitoring of security concerns and creates accountability on a company’s network.

Using revolutionary behavior-based network monitoring allows engineers to quickly and accurately identify early indicators of compromise. In addition, regular vulnerability assessments will be conducted to identify and eliminate areas of concern in a client’s network. Paired with a comprehensive suite of security awareness tools, this service also addresses the biggest area of concern for any organization – its users. to ensure all staff are regularly trained and educated on good habits.

Trained and educated employees are the first and most important line of defense against cyber attacks, according to GadellNet’s security expert, Brad Hettenhausen, but network monitoring is essential, too. He said, “We are proud to roll out a service focused on the most impactful areas of cyber security, in a package that is affordable and effective. For many, this level of data security and assurance would be out of reach if they were to bring these solutions together on their own. Small business are currently the targets of 71% of cyber attacks and we want to ensure our clients are well prepared to navigate the landscape.”

GadellNet is planning on hiring 4-6 new engineers in the next 12 months to grow this new service offering for small businesses.

gurusentry was created with a focus on small businesses and non-profit organizations. It is one of the first solutions to bundle these proactive security services at a pricepoint that small businesses can afford. This solution has been established to help organizations meet compliance and regulatory needs and provide a sense of assurance in a risk-filled cyber environment. It allows organizations to better protect against and respond to cyber events across the board.

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