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A City achieving kindness together

The City of Carmel has launched Carmel Cares, a city-wide initiative to help residents remain connected despite the limitations posed by the COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines. Carmel Cares aims to provide the community with important resources, as well as creative ways for residents to safely engage and support each other.

In collaboration with local community partners including Carmel Clay Schools, the Carmel Fire Department, the Carmel Police Department, Carmel Clay Public Library, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, The Center for The Performing Arts and it’s resident companies, Good Day Carmel and The Great American Songbook, the City developed five themed weeks in an effort to spark kindness, positivity and unity among residents of all ages.

Each week will feature interactive and engaging activities such as Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation fitness workouts, Facebook Live bedtime stories read by local celebrities, friendly games and competitions, scavenger hunts, activities that support mental health and more.

Show us what you’re doing to stay safe and share your photos and videos on social media. Follow and interact with the Carmel Cares Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag, #CarmelCares.

The City of Carmel will kick off Carmel Cares with a virtual firework display from the 2019 Carmelfest on the Carmel Cares Facebook page on Friday, April 3 at 7 p.m. Then, in the week to follow residents are invited to “Color the City with Kindness.” Activities suggested during this week include: Write positive messages on your driveways and sidewalks with chalk, decorate homes with brightly colored lights and banners, paint kindness rocks, and participate in a city-wide color spirit week. The community is encouraged to showcase their photos and videos on the Carmel Cares Facebook Page, Instagram and on Twitter using the hashtag, #CarmelCares.

“It’s important to stay connected to each other as we practice physical distancing,” said Mayor Jim Brainard. “Carmel Cares is an initiative organized by the City of Carmel and our community partners to engage our citizens in virtual activities and share the good we are doing for others. If we participate in the same activities community-wide, we will not feel as isolated during our quarantine. It is important for our mental health that we stay active and engaged with each other and that we continue to help one another through this historic event. That may mean giving blood, donating to our food pantries or simply taking care of our loved ones and neighbors. Together we are stronger even when we are apart and we will emerge on the other side a stronger community.”

Details about each week’s theme and activities will be posted on the City of Carmel website, Carmel Cares Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account.

C - Color the City with Kindness (April 3 - 9) A - Age Old Rivals (April 10 - 16) R - Rev Up Your Creativity (April 17 - 23) E - Exercise Your Body and Mind (April 24 -30) S – Sheroes and Heroes (May 1-7)

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