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New videos, new ways to watch Carmel’s government TV station

From its humble beginnings in the late 1990s as a small, relatively unknown, government access television station on “Cable Channel 16,” the City of Carmel’s longtime government cable television service is rapidly changing to meet the needs of our local residents and visitors. Today, the station is no longer simply “Channel 16” but is multi-faceted video operation available on a variety of channels and platforms that match the changing the landscape of media outlets used by today’s generation.

“When we first started the station, there just a few stacked VHS players and we would insert videos to play non-stop for a few hours each night,” said Nancy Heck, Director of Community Relations and Economic Development, the city department that runs the station and its programming. “Times have certainly changed and we are more diverse in our offerings and our broadcast options than ever before.”

The City of Carmel is committed to communicating with its residents through the production of original programming specific to the City – programming that covers City services, programs and events. The City owns and maintains the equipment used to air the programs, while actual video productions are contracted out to various local production companies. The programming and station equipment is maintained for the City by Omni Productions, an award-winning Carmel video production company that has partnered with the City for many years.

In addition to locally produced documentaries and info-videos, Carmel TV is where residents can to go watch government meetings, including the Carmel City Council. Most public meetings are televised live and replayed the subsequent week. Even if you are not able to watch a live broadcast, Carmel TV offers the technology to archive videos so that they can be viewed anytime from the city website.

The City also has its own YouTube channel (, which allows an orderly repository for the many videos produced by the City, giving viewers a “video on demand” option as they seek more information on the variety of topics featured.

If you want to check out our videos such as Carmel Connect, Carmel Minute, history, education, public safety, public meetings, city events and specific projects, make sure you tune in to the following:

Spectrum Cable C. 340

AT&T Cable Ch. 99

Digital Ch. 64.45

Stream live from any device; click on Carmel TV icon at the bottom of the homepage.

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