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Carmel Green Teen Partners with the Legacy Fund

“The Carmel Green Teens has been a successful and important part of the Carmel environmental community. I am pleased we will be able to support our community partner, Legacy Fund, through our continued sponsorship,” says Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard. “This is an exciting time for the Carmel Green Teens Program. Synergies will happen through this partnership and the Carmel Green Teens will have an even greater impact in our community.”

To be able to expand the support of environmental projects in Carmel and to leverage available resources, Legacy Fund will take over the management of the Green Teens Program which was founded in 2009 by youth leader Lauren Gibson as a way to encourage youth-led environmental projects in the City of Carmel. Carmel Utilities will continue to be the financial sponsor of the Green Teens grants.

The Carmel Green Teens original funding for the program came from a $10,000 grant from the Clorox Foundation and Carmel Utilities has continued financial support of the program. Since its inception, 46 grants ranging in value from $100 to $1,000 have been awarded to youth-led environmental projects in Carmel. Carmel Utilities will continue to be the financial sponsor of the Green Teens grants.

The grants awarded are available for projects that put the ideas and energies of young people to work to help make Carmel / Clay Township a greener, more sustainable community through projects that educate the public and reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, reintroduce native species' habitats, or save energy.

The projects are planned, implemented and measured by young people – in preschool through high school – with adults serving as “guides on the side.” The projects directly benefit Carmel.

Learn more about the program by visiting their website or contacting Brittany Rayburn with the CICF at 317-634-2423, ext. 140 or Sue Maki with Carmel Utilities at 317-571-2673.

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