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Homeschooling Families Enjoy Unique Enrichment Opportunities

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation offers many programs for families who homeschool their children. Homeschool programs are designed to provide enriching recreation activities that encourage extracurricular learning and valuable social opportunities. Two upcoming programs for Homeschool families are Homeschool Creative Arts and Homeschool Gym.

Homeschool Creative Arts sessions are designed for students who wish to go above and beyond state standards in a variety of subjects. Each 7-week course costs $98 per child. One course, focused on Singing and Dancing, will take place each Tuesday between October 25th and December 6th. Another session, Intro to Theatre, will be offered weekly on Wednesdays beginning October 26th through December 7th. Both courses will take place at the Monon Community Center.

The next session for Homeschool Gym will begin on November 7th. This is a 6-week course that will take place each Monday from 10:00am-11:00am until December 12th and costs $40 per child. This class can be counted toward required gym credits and teaches a variety of games, exercises and sports including floor hockey, basketball, soccer and more.

“We’re happy to offer programs designed for homeschool families,” said Amanda Jackson, Program Supervisor at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. “These programs really help build on things that many kids are already interested in. These programs easily fit around their schoolwork and other obligations.”

For more information or questions regarding Homeschool programming at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, please contact Amanda Jackson at Interested participants can register at

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