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Carmel sisters bring attention to issues of Dimentia

Dementia is a destructive and mind-robbing disease that affects as many as 1.2 million individuals here in our country. Kevin Seibert, a Carmel local, shared his pride in his daughters’ efforts to bring attention to the disease that affects so many, including their own grandfather.

Siebert’s daughters, Sarah and Lauren, are students at Carmel High School and Creekside Middle School, have organized the Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Walk October 22. The walk will start and end in the Village of West Clay, with the 5K walking route proceeding through Coxhall Gardens. Danny Boy Beer Works has graciously offered to provide a venue for check-in and finish, and will be providing one adult beverage for each legal-aged participant.

Sign-in with coffee and doughnuts will begin at 9:00 am at Danny Boy Brewery, with opening remarks at 9:45 and the walk commencing at 10:00 am.

In addition or the walk, the two girls have also chronicled the impact this disease has had on their lives in a website:

The site includes their perspectives as well as links to the awareness walk information. The awareness walk has received national attention from the organization. Based on current registrations, over 130 walkers will be in attendance, making this the largest LBD awareness walk in history.

Susan Williams, wife of actor Robin Williams has reached out to the girls to congratulate them on their efforts and remark on their extraordinary efforts. After his death, Robin William’s autopsy revealed that he too suffered from this which most likely drove him to take his own life. Mrs Williams has recently published an account of her and her husband’s battle with this disease in an article in the Huffington Post, as well as the Journal Neurology.

The girls’ efforts were recently featured in a write-up in Current in Carmel.

If you are able, please head out to the walk to support these young girls’ efforts. Please also visit their website and read the informative links to become more aware of this horrible disease that affects so many in our community.

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