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Towne Meadow creates all-school art exhibition

Towne Meadow Elementary students will be exhibiting an “all school collaboration” titled SUNDAY IN THE PARK. The finished painting is 9 feet long and has over 96,800 dots of color. The 657 students used Q-tips dipped in paint to recreate the famous masterpiece by Georges Seurat titled, Sunday On La Grande Jatte, painted in 1884. The original hangs in The Art Institute of Chicago.

Also on exhibit is an “all school collaboration” titled WE ARE FAMILY. This piece, done with pencil on paper, consists of 657 tiny self-portraits, created by all students at Towne Meadow Elementary, Kindergarten through fifth grade.

All fifth grade artists at Towne Meadow, 122 students in all, created TECUMPSEH. This portrait consists of thousands of dots of color and honors the great Shawnee Indian Chief from Prophetstown, Indiana.

The Towne Meadow display will be featured at The Carmel Arts Council Children's Art Gallery during the month of January, beginning when the gallery reopens on the 4th.


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