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Software Engineering Professionals expands with Design Studio

Carmel City Center is pleased to announce the expansion of Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) operations in Carmel with the opening of the new SEP Product Design Studio. Located at 836 S. Rangeline Road in the Nash, the new SEP Studio is an immersive, collaborative environment to assist in the development of software products and information systems for businesses.

SEP is a software product and design company that builds products for global, midsize and small companies. The SEP Product Design Studio provides companies with a space that is designed to work alongside the people who are actually building the product or trying to solve a business problem. The new space will give companies a dedicated place for discovery sessions all the way to testing of the product.

“The Nash building was a great location for us. It’s just on the other side of the Monon Trail from our main office and has so many amenities nearby that makes it a perfect place for us to retreat to when are hosting workshops with our clients,” said Jeff Gilbert, Founder and CEO of SEP.

Whether it is helping a race car engine manufacturer design aerodynamic modeling software, developing software for a new generation of tractors, or assisting a medical device company in creating a diabetes management mobile application, the new SEP Product Design Studio will help companies build better products for their customers.

The studio is equipped with technology that includes stations for wearables and mobile device usability testing so companies can see what the end user is naturally doing when using a device. This enables SEP to validate a product as it's being developed so it can iterate on the outcome very rapidly.

“We are excited to have an extension of SEP in the Nash and support the growth of a local business in our community. The Product Design Studio in the Nash is a great addition to the mix of businesses at Carmel City Center,” said Melissa Averitt, senior vice president at Pedcor Companies.

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