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Helping the flow - Traffic metering at 136th and Keystone Pkwy

The traffic metering system at 136th Street and Keystone Parkway is almost ready to launch. The congestion occurring twice each weekday near Carmel High School prompted City officials to include a traffic metering system at the roundabout interchange.

The metering lights will only trigger during instances of long backups and are designed to help congestion that has been occurring regularly during the morning and evening rush hours due to heavy school traffic and commuters descending on the interchange at the same time.

“Those who travel through this area on school days are aware of the backups that occur, especially on 136th Street and on the northbound ramp from Keystone Parkway,” said Jeremy Kashman, City Engineer. “This metering system is the most efficient manner of relief for this congestion that is only occurring during peak times before and after school.”

Congestion at this interchange increased after the modification of daily bus routes to the high school, which was done in large part because of changes to access at Greyhound Pass and U.S. 31. That access point was eliminated when the Indiana Department of Transportation reconfigured the interchange and ramp systems at 146th and 151st streets.

New metering lights have been installed along with special signage to instruct vehicles to stop when the red light is illuminated. Unlike a traditional stoplight, this system will only trigger as traffic backs up. The lights will serve to stagger traffic flow in such a way to eliminate long backups. Once the lines are gone, the system will turn off and the roundabout will function in a normal fashion.

Check out a video presentation of the system by clicking here.

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