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CHS show choirs dominate 'Best of the Midwest' competition

On February 18, three CHS show choirs carried on Carmel's long legacy of excellence by representing CHS with class and by winning the Grand Champion award in each of their respective divisions at Center Grove's "Best of the Midwest" competition.

In addition to Grand Champion, Ambassadors took the top honors for Best Vocals, Visuals (Choreography), and General Effect in the Large Mixed Division. The Accents all women's choir won Best Vocals, Visuals, and General Effect, and Best Costumes overall. Carmel's New Edition bested the rest for Best Vocals and General Effect, and their soloist, Cameron Clark, earned Best Male Soloist overall.

Each choir was backed by a talented student band whose contribution cannot be overlooked. The Ambassadors, under the direction of John Burlace, and the Accents, under the direction of Kathrine Kouns, now head to Glenwood High School's "The Event" in Chatham, IL March 3-4 and Wheaton Warrenville's South Choral Classic on March 10-11 in Wheaton, IL.

Check out the winning choral groups March 25 at 7 p.m. when they present "An Evening with the Ambassadors and Accents." All are invited to view the competition sets and many other show-stopping numbers.

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