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Farmers Market Vendors 2017

There are many returning vendors at the Farmers Market this year.

You can get your knives sharpened or pick up some organic doggie treats. Get freshly made breakfast sandwiches, walking waffles, tamales, or ribblets to eat as you walk the market.

Flowers, popcorn, pretzels and cheese...spices, dressings, vinaigrettes, jams, jellies, peanut butter, and honey.

Seafood, salmon, beef, lamb, and pork. Veggies, apples, and eggs. Candies, noodles, and chips.

Pies, cookies, breads and many other baked goods.

Check out a full listing of all of the vendors at the Farmers Market website. Keep track of special weekly events on their Facebook page.

Check out some of the new vendors you'll see...

Three of the new vendors you'll need to check out are:

Cookie Please, the cookies are gourmet and handmade with premium ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and never any preservatives.

Apricot Sun Mediterranean Food Bar, featuring Mediterranean dishes that will be sold to eat at the Market or to take home for dinner.

Half That Sugar, serving up Vietnamese egg rolls and pastries that are made with less sugar.

Two more tasty vendors include:

Grown in America's heartland at a small family farm, Groomsville Popcorn is a wholesome, healthy snack that is GMO-free.

Fresh pasta and House made sauces, fresh mozzarella, Italian sausage, Meats, cheeses and olives. Imported products from Italy.

Take a dip...

Small-batch preserves, chutneys, and pickles. Home Ec. makes award-winning preserves and pickles. They inspired by traditional food preservation techniques, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and uncommon flavor combinations. Most preserves are low in sugar, and they never use artificial flavors, preservatives, or GMOs. Availability is dependent upon season and production runs. All are made by hand in small batches in a commercial kitchen in downtown Indianapolis.

Their famous guacamole is prepared on site at Indianapolis area Farmer's Markets and Festivals. In addition to their famous guacamole, they specialize in pico de gallo, salsa verde, baked tostadas and more! Their products are made with the freshest ingredients and are free of preservatives, diary, gluten, sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

Let's have a drink...

Mead made from honey produced in Southern Indiana. As the one of the regions only wineries, they focus on bringing quality products to customers including locally sourced Honey Wines. Also called Mead, these delicious Honey Wines are sourced from melon honey produced at their Apiary in Southwest Indiana. Whether served Sparkling like Champagne or Sweet, these wines pair perfectly with a fine platter of fresh fruits and cheeses, dry cured meats and artisan breads.

The Indiana Whiskey Company makes high quality, small-batch whiskies in South Bend. To the extent possible, the grains and equipment for our whiskey are sourced from Indiana suppliers. Proudly distilled and bottled on premise. They are veteran owned and operated.

Breakfast...the most important meal of the day...

Located on 54th Street in Indianapolis, all donuts are made from scratch in the wee hours of every morning - donuts so fresh, you'll blush!

Owner Mark Lafay uses locally sourced meat, raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, to produce small-batch bacon and sausage in a variety of flavors. Check out their website to learn more about their mission, see a list of bacon and sausage varieties, and to sign up for their "bacon list."

Be free - free of Gluten, chemicals and preservatives, that is. The first three new vendors to the market specialize in providing healthy, sensitive foods for your family. Check out the following vendors who will join the Carmel Farmers Market for the 2017 season.

A gluten free & dairy free food company whose mission is to employ and provide job skills for people on the autism spectrum

They've put together a baked good company and quick service restaurant with a certified gluten free kitchen.

Simple Taste is a company that provides allergy friendly food products for those that have food sensitivities or allergies. They understand the feeling" like an outcast" when you can't eat what everyone else can, so they produce their products with quality ingredients.

They provide gluten, dairy, and yeast free products. They're a dedicated facility with FDA, state, and county board of health certification. Many of their products are also corn, soy, nut, and egg free.

Their passion is to create fresh baby food, free of chemicals and preservatives, and deliver them to your door...or the Farmers Market as the case may be. Rest assured, each product is made with the freshest ingredients and just a pinch of love for your little one.

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