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Supporting Hoosier Farmers

The Carmel Farmers' Market supports Hoosier farmers and producers. All vendors at the Carmel Farmers' Market are selling products that are Indiana grown and produced. Support the Indiana Grown program.

Buy from an Indiana producer. Agriculture is an integral part of Indiana’s economy. We have 19 million acres of farms, forests and woodlands, and Indiana’s 57,500 farming operations grow, produce and process some of the highest-quality products around the world. In 2014, the General Assembly approved the Indiana Grown program to encourage Hoosiers to buy locally grown products.

Indiana Grown is a branding program helping Hoosier farmers and producers promote their products by encouraging consumers to buy local. After a business becomes a member, the Indiana Grown logo is placed on their products, which helps consumers more easily identify and purchase their goods.

This program keeps jobs and financial growth in the community by supporting Hoosier businesses in our state. It also supports job creation, building sustainable communities and preserving Indiana’s agricultural heritage. It is important to remember that when an Indiana Grown product is bought, no matter where from, it helps local farmers and producers succeed as well as the Indiana economy.

When shopping, look for the Indiana Grown label and help support our community by choosing local options. If you are interested in joining the Indiana Grown program, visit

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