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Hey, Hamilton County businesses - 'Adopt a Food Pantry'!


In an effort to help lessen local food insecurity, the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) invites all businesses and service clubs in Hamilton County to participate in the new “Adopt a Food Pantry” program this summer. Food pantries throughout the county distribute healthy fresh produce to families in need, and more donations are always desired and used.

Businesses and service clubs are asked to designate one or more days this summer to hold produce food drives in which employees and club members donate excess vegetables and fruits that they have grown and/or have bought from a farmers market or grocery store. Produce food drives can be held weekly, monthly, or even just once or twice during the summer. If large businesses are not able to participate company-wide, individual departments are invited to participate instead. The SWCD can help pair businesses and clubs with a local food pantry which will then receive the produce donations.

“Many businesses and service clubs have canned food drives during the holiday season for food pantries,” said Cara Culp, SWCD Outreach Specialist. “This program takes that same concept of giving to those in need and moves it to the summer months using fresh produce instead of nonperishables.”

Two organizations have committed to help launch the Adopt a Food Pantry program. The Sheridan Rotary Club will donate produce once a month this summer and will deliver it to Mama’s Cupboard and the Sheridan Community School Food Pantry. BLASTmedia in Fishers will also have produce drives once a month this summer and will deliver the donations to Come To Me Food Pantry, also in Fishers.

For questions or more information on how join the Adopt a Food Pantry program and be paired with a food pantry, call (317) 773-2181 or email gov.

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