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Indigo Bioautomation relocating to Carmel

Indigo BioAutomation has announced plans to move their company headquarters to Pedcor Square Building 5, in Carmel City Center. It will occupy the entire second level of the building, almost 9,700 square feet in total.

This newly-constructed, unique space is ideally designed with a mix of collaboration areas for interaction and quiet places when focus and concentration are needed.

“We want our group in a locale that is alive and thriving, and when they walk into the office they should be able reset their brain and focus on solving challenging problems and develop great new ideas. Pedcor helped us turn our vision into reality,” said Dr. Randall Julian, CEO and founder of Indigo BioAutomation.

The office is designed for productivity and innovation – a rarity outside of the Silicon Valley, and especially unique in Indiana.

“We were looking for a new space, specifically with our employees in mind. Our culture at Indigo is very important and our focus on people is a huge part of that. We are thrilled to provide our team with an inspiring work space,” said Julian.

According to Julian, central Indiana was the ideal place to base his company, due to the proximity of world-class institutions like Indiana University, Purdue University, Rose-Hulman University and Indiana University Medical School, as well as global businesses like Eli Lilly and Company and Roche. Carmel is one of the most exciting areas in the region because of the rapid growth and development that is taking place.

The new office will be easily accessible to the Monon Trail, cafes and art galleries, as well as shops and restaurants at Carmel City Center, which add the energy and life needed to tackle some of the hardest problems in healthcare and technology.

“We are so pleased to welcome Indigo BioAutomation to Pedcor Square. It is a benefit to our city to have such an innovative and ground-breaking company base its operations here. We look forward to welcoming the staff into our vibrant community,” said Melissa Averitt, senior vice president at Pedcor Companies.

Indigo BioAutomation will be located at 385 City Center Drive, Ste. 200, in Pedcor Square Building 5, slated to open late fall 2017.

Indigo BioAutomation was started in 2006 as Indigo Biosystems by Dr. Randy Julian, as part of the Eli Lilly ventures group, housed at Lilly Research Laboratories. Indigo BioAutomation provides automated data analysis, data management and data integration solutions to clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research laboratories and laboratories in other life science markets.

The company was founded with the vision of becoming the leading provider of software for improving laboratory operational efficiency. Indigo takes a data-centric, not document-centric, approach to their solutions. Indigo believes that scientists and scientific management need access to details at the raw data layer in order to make effective, timely decisions. Indigo has deep expertise in mass spectrometry, laboratory process automation, “big” data analysis, and the utilization of advanced algorithms to drive factory science in high throughput laboratory environments.

Indigo’s flagship product ASCENT™ was built on these tenets and leverages its expertise to deliver high efficiency and improved quality. For more information about Indigo and current job opportunities, visit

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