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ITA students put Carmel on International Map

Ten International Talent Academy students traveled abroad this summer to represent Carmel and the USA at “ARTEK” International Children’s Center in Russia. These kids joined youth from 34 other countries to celebrate the theme, “The World Is Our Home.” During the three-week festival, students participated in many extraordinary events, met local celebrities and gave interviews to international journalists. They felt the excitement of interacting and making friends with children from different countries and contributed to various peace-making projects.

These children, ages 8-13, were the only representatives of the USA at this prestigious camp. There were 3,500 children from 34 countries, including Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Mexico, China, Netherlands, Lebanon, Syria, Kenia and more.

International Talent Academy is proud that their organization was invited to be an international partner with ARTEK. This status enables eligible college students to participate in the international exchange program, as well as allow them to invite students from abroad to visit and learn about USA.

Here is what our participants say about their Artek experience:

Katerina Folkin (13):

At ARTEK, I really liked all the fun and interesting activities every day, going to the beautiful sea, the clubs and the delicious food! The most surprising part of ARTEK was that we were able to do so much in just one day, so many great activities, sports, the beach, field trips and more. I was really excited that we also got to go on a lot of great intellectual field trips. ARTEK has taught me a lot! I learned about many different cultures from all over the world, and also I learned that no matter what happens, never give up, and always stream for your dreams. My favorite memories are all my great new friends, counselors, dance parties, and the activities that we had every day! Thank you for everything, ARTEK!

Anna Balaban (10):

At ARTEK, I really liked in Artek my team, team leaders and the Black Sea. What surprised me most was the kindness of everyone. In America, everyone is so self-centered. But in Russia, what surprised me were all the kind words. Also, the boys were so kind to the girls. It was such a nice feeling to see all the kind deeds.

At ARTEK, I learned how to be nicer, a little bit more Russian, how to paint Matroshki, Hohloma pattern and about other countries. What I am going to remember most about ARTEK is the kindness of everyone, my friends from other countries, the climb onto Iu-Dog, and my whole experience. Everything was so amazing that I can't explain it. Such a smart, beautiful, and kind place that nobody can imagine until they see it. It is like a heaven to kids, but down on Earth. It's like a second home to every child in the world!

The International Talent Academy is a non-profit based in Carmel, Indiana that aims to provide internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs to children and adults, and promote awareness of early brain development through class curriculum. Over 350 ITA students annually go through 30 unique and diverse programs including musical theater, early brain training, piano, show choir, etiquette, and International travel.

For inquiries on the Talent Academy, please contact Tatyana Komarova at or (317) 815-9381 or at

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