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Purple Ink to take up space at Carmel City Center

Purple Ink LLC announced plans to bring new headquarters to Carmel City Center in late fall. The headquarters, named The Ink Pad, will serve as office space for the company as well as offer creative training and meeting space to the public.

Purple Ink LLC is an HR consulting firm that specializes in customized human resources services. They offer leadership development training, HR outsourcing, recruiting, career consulting, and a wide range of human resource consulting services.

JoDee Curtis is the owner and founder of Purple Ink, having started the company in 2010. She came up with the name, Purple Ink, from a line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “The Bucket family always thinks positive! Write that in purple ink, Charlie. Purple ink.” She was inspired. She was building a positive, strengths-based, business, and the name, Purple Ink, fit perfectly.

Said JoDee, “Purple Ink is moving to Carmel City Center to better serve our employees and our clients. We love having the ability to create more ‘walk/talk’ meetings on the Monon, to walk to fun breakfast and lunch locations, offer free parking, and a prime location for our clients!”

The Ink Pad will serve as a home base for Purple Ink’s 13 consultants, as well as a training and meeting place for outside organizations. Purple Ink works with organizations in all industries with employee size ranging from just 10 employees to 15,000. They plan an open house at the new location on Tuesday, December 5, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“We are really looking forward to having Purple Ink join us at Carmel City Center. It is a great addition to our other professional services companies, and we are excited to welcome them.” said Melissa Averitt, senior vice president at Pedcor Companies.

Purple Ink LLC will be located along Range Line Rd. at 712 S. Range Line Rd. Surface parking is available on plaza level (accessible from City Center Drive) and in the underground garage (accessible from Range Line Road as well as City Center Drive), as well as in newly-opened Veterans Way garage.

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