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Small Groups Get BIG Results at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

Join small group training at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR) and see big results! Beyond the increased personal attention, small group training has other benefits that set it apart from working out on your own. Small group training participants reportedly lose more weight and save money.

“All of our small group training classes are taught by certified personal trainers, so it’s a way to get smarter while getting stronger,” said Ryan Mosley, personal trainer at the Monon Community Center. “It’s a chance to meet new people who have similar interests, plus it is fun improving your quality of life in a group setting.”

Small group training programs have a minimum of four and a maximum of eight participants. The small class sizes allow more personal attention for each participant while facilitating a camaraderie amongst the group.

Kim Decker has taken several small group training classes at the Monon Community Center including TRX. She said it helped her build confidence and work at her own pace.

“The instructors are like your own personal cheerleaders,” Decker said. “No matter what level you’re at or if you have an injury, they can create a work around. Because the class is so small they are able to show you how to do the move and then physically help you try it out.”

CCPR offers a variety of small group training opportunities for the community. Now through December programs include Kettlebell Power & Core, TRX Training and Small Group Personal Training.

  • Kettlebell Power & Core: Power up your strength with this workout that uses iron-cast kettlebell weights. Experience whole-body movements that will build lean muscle tissue and increase your flexibility and cardio strength.

  • TRX Training: Get a full-body workout in a non-impact format. This one-hour, suspension-based format will work every major muscle group. Suspension straps allow you to choose the intensity level of your workout, so all levels are welcome.

  • Small Group Personal Training: Work together in a small group with a certified Personal Trainer. Workouts are designed to help everyone get the best results. To learn more or to sign up for small group personal training, email personaltrainers@

To register for any of these small group training opportunities, visit Keep an eye out for more small group training opportunities during the winter/spring season.

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