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CHS senior creates coloring of Carmel athletes

Carmel High School Senior Greg Gaynor has a project to get real life experience in publishing and marketing while sharing his own art. He has recently published a Carmel Sports themed coloring book. The players' original Varsity Views photographs are each hand drawn for this collection. Several boy and girl varsity Greyhounds are featured in the book.

Thanks to the skills gained through the CHS art department, Greg has discovered and developed his artistic talents over the last three years. After encouragement from Carmel students and alumni, and especially Mandy Hildebrand, the manager of All Things Carmel, Greg took on this dynamic project.

The book is both an engaging coloring book and a special piece of memorabilia for the CHS community. He intends to make Vol. 2 for the 2017-18 teams. The books are currently available at All Things Carmel on Main Street and through Greg’s Facebook page.

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