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What are your Twenty Joys?

Mike Sale has been a Carmel resident for about 8 years now and has turned personal experiences into a business for himself and his wife. But not just any business. A business to help bring joy to others, often times providing a therapeutic process as customers determine the 20 things that make them happy.

The company is called Twenty Joys.

Mike and his wife started the business out of a humble home office. The business was borne when the two, working through some internal struggles, realized that when they took some time to list out what really made them happy, they realized that their joys were mainly centered around small, attainable things.

The two took their list and wanted to hang it prominently in their home. When they couldn't find any easy way to make the ‘poster’ they wanted, Mrs. Sale took some classes and taught herself a design tool so they could create their vision.

From that humble start last October, they built up a business to do the same for others, designing and printing custom word art posters that highlight an individual’s list of joy. They challenge customers to come up with a list of exactly twenty things that bring them happiness, which makes for a really therapeutic process. It's easy to throw 10-12 on a list, but getting to exactly 20 takes some time and reflection.

The Sales "feel good" comes from the incredible feedback they’ve gotten from folks who have ordered prints and gone through the process of creating their list of joys. Customers have come back and talked about crying through the entire process, centering themselves during tough times with their print, or just starting off each day with a reminder of what matters.

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