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‘Greyhounds’ coming to Main & Keystone roundabouts

The next roundabout landscaping project is going to the dogs … the greyhounds, to be more specific. The City of Carmel will begin installation soon on an artistic rendering of 10 galloping greyhounds affixed to the cascading walls within the double roundabout interchange at Main Street and Keystone Parkway.

The design pays honor to the mascot for Carmel High School, which is located just west of the interchange. Five greyhounds made of multi-layered, brushed stainless steel will be affixed on each wall and installed with special back lighting to be visible at night.

“This interchange is the primary entry point to Carmel High School for thousands of visitors who come to Carmel for academic conferences, shows at the auditorium and sporting events at the school, so it made sense to use our beloved greyhound mascot to adorn this roundabout interchange,” said Mayor Jim Brainard.

Bomar Industries did the design and construction of the six-foot-long, stainless steel greyhounds, each one curved in order to match the wall radius. They will be installing the greyhounds, depicted in various stages of running. In addition, Bomar will supply the blue back-lighting behind each greyhound to accentuate the metal structure at night. The entire project is being installed for $100,000.

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