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Upcoming events at the Museum of Miniature Houses.

Upcoming events at the Museum of Miniature Houses.

Wednesday, March 28 enjoy the Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship at noon. Free admission.

Artist Galina Alkhutova presents her paintings, particularly her "miniatures", which range from 1x1 inch to 2x3 inches.

Galina was born in Siberia and moved to the United States from Crimea, Ukraine with her family in the mid 90s. She graduated with a Master degree in Physics and pursued a career in computer programming, but always had dreams of painting.

In 2010, a friend invited her to a painting party where she painted with acrylic paint for the first time. The very next day, feeling excited, she went out and purchased paints, brushes, canvases and educational artist's books. Since then she has been painting almost every day with her paintings selected for many exhibitions and juried art festivals. Galina is a member of Carmel CCA gallery and several galleries in both Indiana and Ohio.

Wednesday, April 11 is the Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship, again at noon, with free admission, but guest this time is Kristina Oliver, experimental abstract artist. She explains her process and presents her work in acrylic, oil pastels and alcohol inks. Kristina is a juried member of the Hamilton County Artists' Association and a member of the Hoosier Salon.

On Saturday., April 14 is the Annual Attic Sale at the Carmel Lion's Club, 141 East Main Street and Museum of Miniature Houses, 111 East Main Street, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Great opportunity to buy miniature accessories, craft supplies, and special gifts at bargain-basement prices. This year's sale includes a large selection of miniature furniture, accessories, dolls, constructed dollhouses, kits, and supplies. Different items can be found on sale at each place, so plan to stop in at both locations!

Saturday April 21, is Breyer Fun Day from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Regular admission applies.

Enjoy the Breyer horses in our permanent collection, enhanced with manes and tails made from real horsehair, handmade bridles and saddles, and costumed riders suiting each type of horse. Paint your own Breyer 4-inch “Stablemate” horse with materials provided. Take home your hand painted horse and goodies from Breyer as souvenirs.

On Wednesday, April 25 is yet another Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship with "From log to art.' Woodworker Lee Ellis presents his process and his work. Lee explains, "My wood working career started with building and repairing furniture. I have had a lathe for many years, but started learning what it would do in 1995 with a trip to an AAW annual meeting. I have taken many classes, attended symposiums and practiced many hours to learn new skills. My pieces are created to show the natural features of the wood and are one of a kind. Bowls are finished with salad bowl finish and are all safe for food. The burls are a unique growth on some trees and have very interesting features. I use a bowl saver tool to turn many pieces from one burl and use the smaller cut offs for the vases and Christmas ornaments."

Saturday, April 28 is a "Mini Miscellaneous" workshop. (Beginner skill level) from 9am-1pm. Learn how to make houseplants, a suitcase, perfume bottles, non-working lamps, and more. See how common household items can be "upscaled" into miniature furniture or accessories. $15/person; $12 for members. Ages 12+.

Wednesday, May 9, will be Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship at noon, free admission.

"Catches: Give me the Sweet Delights of Love", a program of songs from the Renaissance tradition.

Sung by Lucy Newton, member of the Indianapolis Arts Chorale, and playwright, actress and soprano MaryAnne Mathews.

Wednesday, May 23 is another Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship at noon, free admission. Debra Achgill presents her glass art: fused glass functional and decorative pieces. She loves working with the glass, especially to see what happens when the kiln is opened. She has been doing fused glass for over 15 years. She said, " Fused glass work allows Deb to experiment with new colors of glass and to make a wide variety of functional and decorative items." Debra is a member of two cooperative galleries in Indiana and has been named an Indiana Artisan. She will have works available for sale, as well.

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