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City's plans for 2018 Road Improvement Projects

With the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures, local road construction will soon follow. In order to prepare you for various restrictions and detours, the City of Carmel is announcing the tentative construction schedule for 2018. We hope you can use this information to plan ahead to make sure your regular routes are available and if not, to determine your best detour before you head out the door.

To help you stay connected, please download the CarmelLink app so that you will have access to the latest road construction updates. Please note that the CarmelLink app requires the use of the Waze app that provides real-time traffic updates. You will be prompted to download that app.

While the City is providing a snapshot of projects planned for 2018, please remember there are many variables that affect the exact start and finish dates. We will send notices of closures or detours closer to the beginning of construction. The projects below are listed under the season in which they will begin. (See map)


1. 111th Street Culvert Replacement (just west of Westfield Boulevard). Anticipated to begin on or after March 13. Full closure for 75 days.

2. 121st Street Culvert Replacements (4 in total) between Boone County Line and Shelborne Road. Could begin by end of March. A rolling closure.

3. River Road Reconstruction (mostly pertaining to the north bound lane). Remaining curb work and landscaping as well as trail addition to take place mostly over Carmel’s Spring Break (April 2-6), with some work to follow in the summer.

4. 3rd Street SW and City Center Drive Roundabout. After April utility work, construction should begin by June. Full closure.

5. 96th Street Corridor

a. 96th and Hazel Dell Parkway Roundabout (partial closure only). Construction to begin in late March and last until June or July.

b. 96th and Priority Way Roundabout (partial closure only). Construction to begin on or after April 2 and last until June or July.

c. 96th and Keystone Interchange. Utility relocations continue this spring.

6. Monon Boulevard Reconstruction. Work underway. Will continue through end of 2018.

7. Range Line Road Reconstruction. Work underway between Executive Drive and City Center Drive. Completion expected by June 1.

8. Range Line Road (136th Street to US 31 overpass). After utility work in April, construction to begin by June 1 and last until early 2019.

9. Southwest Clay Path Projects. Ongoing construction of path projects on Shelborne, Towne and Ditch roads.


10. 96th Street Corridor

a. 96th and Delegates Row Roundabout (partial closure). Construction to begin in June or July, lasting until October or November.

b. 96th and Gray Road Roundabout (partial closure). Construction to begin in June or July, lasting until October or November.

11. Carmel Drive and Old Meridian Street Roundabout. Construction to begin in July and last until the end of August. Full closure.

12. Main Street and Gray Road Roundabout. Construction will not begin until after school is out. Full closure for 45 days.

13. 116th Street Stormwater Projects (west of Spring Mill Road). Construction to take place between June 1 and August 15.

14. Jordan Woods Stormwater Projects. Ongoing.

15. Forest Drive Stormwater Projects. Ongoing.

16. Southwest Clay Path Projects. Ongoing.


17. 116th Street and Range Line Road Roundabout. Construction dates TBA.

18. Medical Drive and Range Line Road Roundabout. Construction dates TBA.

19. Main Street and Guilford Road Roundabout; North end Guilford Road Reconstruction Project. Construction dates TBA.

20. Culvert Project on Westfield Boulevard (South of 116th Street). Construction dates TBA.

The City of Carmel appreciates your patience during these temporary delays and closures. Make sure you stay on top of information by signing up for email alerts and updates at For any remaining questions or concerns please contact the City Engineering Department at 317-571-2441 or email Engineering Administrator Joshua Kirsh at You can also stay on top of city and construction news by following the City of Carmel, on Social Media.

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