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Home school PE offered at Carmel Total Fitness

For the first time ever, Carmel Total Fitness, a locally owned and operated fitness center, is offering gym classes for home schooling families. As home schooling has continued to grow in Hamilton County, Carmel resident, veteran home schooling mother of nine, and Personal Trainer at Carmel Total Fitness, Samantha LaMar, decided to use her skills as a Certified Personal Trainer to teach PE classes to elementary and high school aged students. "I've been been home schooling for twenty years and know how easy it is to put physical education off until it's needed for a high school credit. However, PE is vital in raising healthy, happy children. Exercise helps with brain function, improves moods, builds confidence, and keeps children healthy now and in the future. I hope to use my skills and love of teaching to get students excited about making fitness an essential part of their lives now and when they are adults!"

At Carmel Total Fitness, students will have access to spin bikes, racquetball, basketball, and weight training. All under the guidance of a personal trainer, teacher and mom. Classic calisthenics will also be a fun part of the curriculum. Samantha will also use a Facebook group to keep families informed and give students daily challenges to keep them moving every day of the week! Class size is limited and sign up has just begun. Parents can get their child's name on the list by calling Carmel Total Fitness or they can stop in the gym and register. Classes begin August 27 and are weekly for 12 weeks. Cost is $159 per student or $350 for three or more siblings in a family. Carmel Total Fitness 317-580-8111 Email: Samantha,

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