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Former FBI agents open investigation service in Carmel

After more than 21 years of serving our country in the FBI, Doug Kouns has announced plans to open a new intelligence, investigations and research firm in Carmel, serving primarily corporate and legal clients. The firm, known as Veracity IIR, has already begun piecing together a team of highly qualified professionals with significant experience to serve the needs of its clients from their new location in Carmel.

Veracity opened for business on September 11, 2018 at 706 Pro-Med Lane in Carmel.

Kouns founded Veracity IIR with a vision of bringing the most experienced and accomplished law enforcement professionals, intelligence analysts and business people together to provide real solutions to real problems. A variety of investigative, risk management and threat mitigation products are offered.

∎ Doug Kouns is a former Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI. For more than 21 years he served the Bureau in the field and at FBI Headquarters while conducting or overseeing criminal, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence investigations.

He has assembled a team that includes:

∎ Kathy Guider, vice president of Veracity IIR, who will lead the training division and oversee investigations, human resources and most administrative functions. Guider is a former Special Agent of the FBI. For more than 23 years, she served in the Indianapolis Division where she conducted drug, terrorism and white-collar crime investigations. Guider also served as an adjunct faculty instructor teaching classes in Interview and Interrogation, Body Language, Presentations Skills and Instructor Development throughout the United States and Internationally.

∎ Lori Achilles, director of the fraud division of Veracity IIR, who is a former Special Agent of the FBI specializing in White Collar Crime working in both the Indianapolis and New York City divisions of the FBI for more than 7 years. While in Indianapolis, she worked on the White Collar Crime Squad investigating corporate fraud, investment schemes, health care fraud and mortgage fraud. She was also a member of the Bank Fraud Working Group which involved coordinating with other law enforcement and regulatory agencies to discuss trends, potential frauds and weaknesses within the banking industry.

∎Jillian Dardani, senior intelligence analyst for Veracity IIR. Formerly of the Central Intelligence Agency, where she was an intelligence analyst and senior representative of the National Counter-terrorism Center, working in both Washington DC and Chicago, IL for more than eight years. While in DC, she specialized in Al-Qaeda plotting against the US and homegrown violent extremists. She was the lead analyst on several high-profile counter-terrorism investigations, including the aftermath of the Usama Bin Ladin operation, and was personally invited to meet with former President Obama as a result of her analytic expertise.

The ribbon cutting ceremony of this exciting new addition to Carmel has been set for 10/18/18. Keep up with all the news by following Veracity IIR on social media:

For more information, visit their website:

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