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Road construction for 2019

As the new year begins, so do plans to improve the roads you take around Carmel. The following map shows you where each project will take place. Read below for a brief description of each.

2019 Road Construction Schedule Spring

  1. Monon Boulevard Construction: Work continues through end of 2019.

  2. North Range Line Road Reconstruction: Asphalt and curb work mostly on south bound lane.

  3. Path Projects in South West Clay: West 96th Street: final surfacing

  4. Cherry Creek Boulevard Expansion: (150 days*) construction to complete the final phase to connect Hazell Dell Pkwy to River road. Expected to start in February.

  5. Lowes Way Connector: Phase 2 continues to North Range Line Road. This is a county- lead project that began in 2018.


6. 96th Street Corridor: Gray Road & 96th Street Roundabout: (75 days*) on or after June 1 partial closure; Delegates Row & 96th Street Roundabout: (75 days*) On or after June 1 partial closure; Keystone Interchange: Construction expected to continue through end of 2019.

7. Guilford Road Reconstruction: (150 days*); Road Work: Main Street to City Center on or after June 1; Culvert Replacement: Adjacent to Carmel Middle School; Roundabout at Main Street: Start on or after August 1.

8. 126th Street Path project: (180 days*) Start on or after June 1. A new multi-use path will be added to the City right-of-way connecting Keystone Parkway and Hazel Dell Parkway along the north side of the road. Federal Aid project. No eminent closure of the road, some flagging as needed through the project.

9. Duke Transmission Line: (180 days*) The Duke Transmission line continues to be buried through the center of town. The next phase will continue through Midtown and crossing Main Street. Expect rolling closures one block at a time.

10. 116th Street & Range Line Road Roundabout: (120 days*) Starting on or after August 1; Roundabout at 116th Street: Partial closure; Roundabout at Medical Drive: Partial closure; Culvert on Range Line South of 116thStreet: Full closure; Road work from Carmel Drive to 116th Street: Partial closure

11. Carmel Drive & Pennsylvania Street Roundabout: (75 days*) Standard 2-lane roundabout.

12. Veteran’s Way (Fire House townhomes Project); Ditch work along Monon Trail; Two culverts and a bridge; Road reconstruct (between Veteran’s Garage and Fire Station)

13. 136th Street Path: (100 days*) Multi-use path from Range Line Road to Stadium Drive.

14. Main Street path work: East of Keystone Parkway.


15. Range Line Road Reconstruction continued (City Center to Elm Street): (100

days *); Roundabout at 6th Street: Full closure; Street reconstruction: Partial closure

16. North Gray Road Path (75 days*)

*Estimated/Approximate days. Weather and utilities may have serious impact to our schedule. We do our very best to meet these goals and appreciate your patience.

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