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Good enough to eat...New exhibits, events at Museum of Miniature Houses

Good Enough to Eat is the latest exhibit at the Museum of Miniature Houses. This exhibit focuses on favorite foods in miniature, from preparation stages to iconic packaging with hundreds of items, from metal kitchen sets to coffee creamers the size of BBs. Even in miniature, these treats look good enough to eat!

In addition, you're invited to the museum's other special events. Feb. 23 and March 30 are Breyer Fun Days. You can enjoy looking at the Breyer horses in the permanent collection, enhanced with manes and tails from real horsehair, handmade bridles and saddles, and costumed riders suiting each type of horse. You can then paint your own.

Feb. 27, March 13, March 27 and April 10 are Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship. These are all free and begin at noon. At these events, meet Brynn Tryska singing The Standard Set: an afternoon of jazz classics and contemporary favorites; Gloria Schotter, a jewelry maker with quite an eclectic collection; Sally Perkins will be telling “Stories of Our Songs: A collection of spoken stories about sources of music we all know and love;” Fran Carrico presents her glass jewelry and beadwork; and Ken Rabbers presenting his nature photography.

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