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Prepare for Spring with Native Plants and Rain Barrels

Spring rains, sunshine, and blooms are on the horizon! Plan ahead for your property by ordering your native plants and rain barrels from the soil and water conservation district. The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District has all the tools you need to conserve water and support pollinators like bees and butterflies with beautiful native plants.

Native plant kits allow you to take the guesswork out of plant selection by providing a set of plants that will be perfect for your yard. Each native plant kit contains 50 native plant plugs for $120. There is a kit for all areas of your yard including pollinator, rain (for wetter areas), prairie, and shade garden. Each kit contains 10 species of native perennials and can fill a space 50 to 150 square feet.

Rain barrels are also available for pre-order for $75. These re-purposed barrels capture rainwater from your downspout and roof and hold it for use at a later time. Rain barrel water is great for watering plants and gardens or even washing the car. In peak summer months, a rain barrel can save around 1,300 gallons of free, naturally soft water for your use. Pre-pay for your barrel and choose between grey, terra cotta, black, and –new this year- green, fifty-five gallon rain barrels. Diverter systems for easily installation are also available for $25.

Plant kit and rain barrel pre-orders can be placed online at or by visiting the SWCD office at 1717 Pleasant Street in Noblesville. Orders are due by May 10. Orders will be available for pick up on Friday May 24 in Noblesville. All proceeds support conservation projects and education in Hamilton County.

More information on native plants and rain barrels can be found on the Hamilton County SWCD website (

Questions regarding the sales or SWCD resources can be directed to Claire Lane at or 317-773-2181.

** Carmel residents are eligible for a $50-$75 rebate from the City Stormwater Program after installing a rain barrel. The SWCD can provide an application for this program at the barrel pick up event.**

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