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Danny Boy wins Triple Gold at 2018 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Danny Boy Distilling and Beer Works’ popular Boston Spiced Rum has won Triple Gold at the 2018 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards competition, the world’s premier international spirits competition for small and emerging brands.

Danny Boy competed against hundreds of different brands from around the world, each vying for the top medals, specifically, a triple gold medal. The MicroLiquor Awards recognizes the triple gold spirits based on extraordinary taste and the highest standard of quality and excellence.

The 84 Proof, Boston Styled Blackstrap Molasses and Cane Sugar Coastal Rum won World Triple Gold at the competition. This rum is uniquely spiced and polished in used salt water soaked bourbon barrels, hand-labeled and bottled with a cinnamon stick.

“We are very proud of this rum and the excellent work from our team of distillers at Danny Boy,” said Kevin Paul, owner and founder of Danny Boy Distilling and Beer Works in Carmel’s Village of West Clay. “It’s nice to see that the tradition established by our excellent craft beers is continuing on in our distilled offerings.”

The MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the world’s first spirits competition for small brands. One of the world’s most distinguished agencies for alcohol beverage package design, Flowdesign, is responsible for judging the packaging competition. The competition is based on brand concept, logo and brand identity, brand story, graphics, typography, style and legibility, and overall design among other things.

After nearly a decade of producing some of the best craft beers in the Midwest, Danny Boy Beer Works launched its Distillery operation and is currently producing whiskeys, bourbon, spiced and white rums as well as flavored liquors.

The new distillery operation features an upgraded system that includes an 800-liter, oil-jacketed Hybrid reflux still. This gives Danny Boy the ability to run multiple spirits on one system. It also includes a 15-gallon gin basket and a total of 22 bubble plates for a much more refined spirit.


Danny Boy Boston Spiced Rum is an 84 Proof, Boston Styled Blackstrap Molasses and Cane Sugar Coastal Rum. It is distributed by Southern Glasers, distilled at Danny Boy Distilling and Beer Works, Carmel IN and at the Danny Boy Dunn Street Distillery and Brew Pub in Bloomington IN. The rum is priced at $25 for a 750ml bottle and can be found at all Danny Boy locations, the Brockway Pub, Stats Bar, Meijer and all your local package stores.


Danny Boy Distilling and Beer Works was founded in 2010 and produced some of the finest brews and spirits in the world. Located at 12702 Meeting House Rd Village of West Clay, Carmel, IN 46032. You can find Danny Boy in Indiana and Michigan. Read the inspiring history of this local treasure.

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