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Carmel on Canvas takes to the streets mid-September

The sixth annual Carmel on Canvas plein air paint out will be held on Friday to Sunday, September 13-15. This open-air painting exhibition and competition will take place on the sidewalks throughout the Carmel Arts & Design District and, new for 2019, expands into Carmel’s Midtown.

“Carmel on Canvas is a great way to bring many artists from across the Midwest to create works of art using Carmel’s Arts & Design District as their inspiration. One of my favorite aspects of this event is that the artists interact with the public who are able to see the works of art created. Our desire is to grow this event to be the best plein air paint out in the country,” said Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard. The Carmel on Canvas plein air event hosts more than 60 highly-acclaimed artists from states around the Midwest including Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and many Indiana communities as well. The artists will compete in a variety of plein air contests within the three-day event. They will register in a division that matches their skill level; professional, non-professional, teen and child.

On Saturday morning, a Quick Paint takes place at the Carmel Farmers Market at Center Green. The winners of the adult and child categories will be selected by visitors to the market, which raises community awareness of the event overall. The Carmel on Canvas Art Fair takes place on Sunday afternoon from noon – 4 p.m. Artists will display creations from the Carmel on Canvas event as well as pieces from their broader scope of work. We want to thank the Carmel community for supporting each artist that participates in the Art Fair.

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