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Aug. 14 Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship, noon, free admission

Dick Gerard, a woodturner since 1979, presents his art. His designs are simple forms that seek to complement and accentuate Nature's inherent beauty through objects that have a strong tactile and aesthetic appeal.

Aug. 28 Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship, noon, free admission

Enjoy a jazz session with Eric Garcia on guitar and flute. Eric Garcia is a guitarist and flutist based in Fishers, IN. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance (with a Jazz Studies emphasis) from Butler University, and currently freelance teaches and performs in the Fishers and Indianapolis areas. With his knowledge of and ability to play numerous musical styles, Eric strives to bring a sense of eclecticism to everything he does.

Sept. 11 Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship, noon, free admission. Enjoy Tim Kennedy’s presentation about his wood art. Tim is a woodturner who lives and works in Fishers, Indiana. He is best known for using a lathe to achieve graceful curving lines. With rustic and classic elements incorporated into simplistic, contemporary design, his work ranges from small spinning tops to large wall hangings. Every piece focuses on the natural beauty of wood, which is often enhanced through weathering, burning, or sandblasting. Kennedy said he picked up his interest in woodturning from his father, who taught industrial arts and had a woodshop of his own. He describes himself as “a generalist” in wood turning and strives to incorporate a wide range of techniques in his work. As a member of the American Association of Woodturners, and an Indiana Artisan, Tim’s work is frequently shown at local Art Fairs.

Sept. 11 Opening of exhibit: Our Favorite Hobbies. The exhibit features scenes of our favorite pastimes - everything from gardening to fishing. Featured artists include Ella Reulbach, Ruth Elizabeth Jefferson and Kurt Owens, amongst others. Come and see how these artists interpret hobbies through their favorite art form - miniatures. Runs through January 5, 2020.

Sept. 25 Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship, noon, free admission

Linda Adamson presents her weavings and talks about how she became an Indiana Artisan. She is also a member of the Fort Wayne Weavers’

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