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Danny Boy unveils new East Coast Fusion kitchen

Danny Boy Distilling and Beer Works introduces a change of flavors at its popular location in the Village of West Clay. Purelli Kitchens, a new restaurant that features classic East Coast Fusion with a menu that includes Prince Edward Island Mussels, Spicy “Solera” Shrimp, classic fresh-made hoagies – including “extreme sizes” – and a variety of pastas is now open. Created as a new start-up kitchen by owner Patrick and Erica Siegel, Purelli’s is serving customers in Carmel and Notre Dame with its motto: “Larger than Life, Larger than Us.”

Siegel moved to Carmel about a year ago with no plans to open a restaurant. But after meeting Danny Boy owner Kevin Paul and new friends like bartender Anthony Zuniga at the Brockway Pub (also owned by Paul), he began to discover a new purpose in life, causing him to rethink his priorities that had not yielded true happiness or joy.

“The staff at Brockway, Anthony in particular, encouraged me to think less about my own desires and more of others. Especially Anthony’s focus on serving, one of the reasons he wants to be a firefighter,” said Siegel, who was raised on the East Coast in a large Italian family, where everyone gathered for huge family dinners. “I want to give others a ‘wow moment’ at our restaurant. Give them memories and enjoyment, and if we can, give money to those in need. “

With that in mind, Purelli’s has already made Mondays special at Danny Boy. “Community Mondays” are designed to invite people to come together to help those in need. Customers will be invited to write the names of someone in need on a card at the table … each week, one of those names will be chosen and on the following Monday, 50 percent of all hoagie sales will go directly to that person in the form of a check.

“We want to change lives, one hoagie at a time,” said Siegel.

With the help of his wife and kids, Siegel is running the kitchen at Danny Boy and the Brewery & Distillery’s location in South Bend.

“Patrick’s flavors are the perfect complement to our awesome craft beers and our new line of spirits we are producing in Carmel,” said Kevin Paul, owner. “We wanted to bring to Carmel some unique tastes that they cannot get anywhere else.”

The diverse menu features appetizers such as “green bean fries” and a pound of giant wings, entrees like buttermilk fried chicken, linguine pesto, craft sandwiches like Shrimp Po Boy and Crush Burgers, a “#1 Pittsburgh steak salad” and desserts such as chocolate ganache cupcakes and an Italian crème cake. Frequent creative specials such as grilled salmon over Farro “fried rice” keep the menu fresh.

Check out more information on the menu by visiting Check them out on Doordash and Uber Eats as well.

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