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CPD Partners with Methodist Sports Medicine

The Carmel Police Department is proud to announce that it is partnering with Methodist Sports Medicine in its First Line Tactical Athlete Program. This program, a first of its kind in Indiana, provides specialized orthopedic care to officers. The First Line Tactical Athlete Program was first developed to provide the highest quality of care which includes screenings, patient education, individualized preventative programming, thorough on-site evaluation, imaging, rehabilitation services and referrals to Methodist Sports Medicine’s network of highly skilled subspecialist physicians. The Carmel Police Department will have access to a dedicated athletic trainer on-site to manage both work-related and non-work-related orthopedic needs.

“We are proud to partner with Methodist Sports Medicine and look forward to utilizing their services for all of our medical needs,” said Carmel Police Chief Jim Barlow. “By having an on-site athletic trainer in our department and access to their other services, our police officers will have the best orthopedic care, so that they won’t have to walk through their healthcare needs alone.”

Law enforcement agencies need officers on the street. Agencies have to temporarily replace injured officers, often at an overtime premium. This program will offer fast access to shorten rehabilitation times, saving tax-payer money. Chief Barlow added, “Methodist Sports Medicine has some of the best doctors and post-surgery care so we can get our officers back on the street, and that’s what’s important.”

“As the job demands of law enforcement become increasingly complex, the need to provide our public servants with excellent health care is essential,” said Methodist Sports Medicine CEO Marty Rosenberg. “Our team is excited to collaborate with the Carmel Police Department and provide the best orthopedic care for those who are protecting us daily.”

To learn more about the First Line Tactical Athlete Program, visit

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